Amazon is one of the most typey Savannah queens in our Savannah cat breeding program. Her appearance is more like that of an F1, rather than an F2! With large, tall ears, prominent ocelli markings, dramatic tear markings and a wide nose bridge, as well as a tall, long frame, she is an excellent example of the Savannah cat breed. Amazon passes these outstanding traits to her gorgeous F3 Savannah kittens.

Zurii is a beauty! She has a golden coat more coarse like the African Serval with inky bold spotting and a thick tail. This girl is also a sweetheart with one of the best personalities I've come across in an F2!

Liv is the very largest queen in our Savannah cat breeding program. She is HUGE at 22 lbs on a tall, long and lanky frame! Liv has given us amazing F3 Savannah kittens, one of which was a female standing 16" at the shoulder at adulthood! She tends to pass her size down to her F3 kittens, along with her wild and exotic appearance.

"Amazon" - F2 Savannah Queen

"Zurii" - F2 Savannah Queen

"Liv" - F2 Savannah Queen