Wild Tafari is a Savannah cat breeder breeding awe-inspiring F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, and SBT Savannah cats and kittens for excellence, temperament, and exotic appearance. We take great pride in our sweet and lovable Savannah kittens. Savannahs are amazing cats that have completely captured our hearts and lives. Read on for more information about Savannah cats, our Savannah cat breeding program, and our Savannah kittens.


About Savannah Cats

Having started out with our first African Serval in the early 90's, we fell in love with their exotic nature, regal elegance, and magnificent beauty. Thus, the hybrid Savannah cat breed has been created, resembling the Serval in exotic appearance, yet having the milder temperament of a domestic cat, allowing those that long to share in the remarkable traits of the exotic African Serval to be able to do so without the constraints of exotic ownership.

Savannah cats are known worldwide to be the largest domestic cat in existence, and now also hold the record for being the world’s tallest domestic cat. Like their ancestor, the African Serval, the Savannah cat has been bred to display distinguishing characteristics such as their lean bodies, tall ears, and long legs.

Savannah cats have incredibly intelligent, interactive, and loyal personalities which have been associated with that of a canine. Being highly social and energetic cats, Savannahs enjoy participating in everyday activities and following their humans around the house. Savannah cats tend to show their affection, like their wild ancestor the African Serval, by giving head-butts. With Savannahs being easily and readily trainable, they come when called by their names, can be taught to walk on a leash, play fetch, and most enjoy playing in water. As the Savannah cat has many canine characteristics, they easily befriend the family dog as a new playmate.


Our Cattery

The name, Wild Tafari, was derived from the name of our male African Serval stud and pet named “Tafari.” In African, Tafari means “awe-inspiring,” which is exactly what our cats evoke when gazing upon the pure elegance of the Savannah cat.

Wild Tafari is a small cattery where all of our time, love and attention is focused on our Savannah cats and kittens. We are not a large facility, nor do we have breeding practices such as those of a cat mill. Instead, each of our Savannah queens, studs, and kittens are an immediate part of our lives and family. They are each treated with the utmost of respect, given not just attention, but quality time, love and affection from us each and every day. Our highly socialized Savannah kittens are raised in our home with love, underfoot, and as an immediate part of our family. Our Savannah cats and kittens come first in everything that we do. They receive the best of veterinary health care, high-quality foods, and pristine clean conditions!

Here at Wild Tafari, we breed for quality and not for quantity. We strive to produce stunning, quality F1, F2, F3, F4, and F5 Savannah cats that have the wild appearance of the African Serval and the amazing personality of a domestic, though they are much more unique than your average domestic cat with their stunning beauty and incredible temperament.


Our Savannah Kittens

Each kitten grows and matures at different stages. It is up to us, as the breeder, to determine at what point is the right age for our kittens to leave their mothers and our home to begin their new life with you. We take great care to assure that they are well-socialized, happy, playful and engaging kittens that will easily adjust to their new homes and bond with their new families. Our Savannah kittens will be prepared to go to their adoptive homes at approximately 10-12 weeks of age. Each kitten will go to his or her new family up to date on their immunizations, along with their shot records, and having been dewormed. They will also have been checked by our board-certified exotic feline veterinarian to assure each Savannah kitten has the healthiest of starts with their new owner.


Benefits of Adopting from Wild Tafari

When adopting a kitten from Wild Tafari, not only are you receiving an amazing Savannah kitten, you will also receive photographs during stages of his or her life upon request, your kitten's TICA registration papers, written health guarantee, and Wild Tafari contract. Additionally, at no cost to you, we will provide the veterinary health certificate required for shipping purposes, traveling pet carrier, your kitten's blankie and favorite stuffed animal.

We are professionals and maintain excellent communication whether it be by telephone or email. No matter if you are calling to ask a question before adopting, or contacting us for support after adopting your new Savannah kitten companion, we are always accessible. We want to help you provide the best home for our Savannah kitten as is possible! We at Wild Tafari can guarantee that you will receive 100% customer satisfaction when adopting one of our Savannah kittens.

The promise and benefit of adopting a Savannah kitten from Wild Tafari is that we will be able to provide you with the social and lovable kitten of your dreams!